Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Wart hog; Lives in open country from the Orange Free State to Senegal and Ethiopia. About five feet long. I shelters in old antbear burrows and goes about in family groups, feeding on roots and grasses and anything else it can find. It will often get down on it's knees and shuffle along when feeding, but when alarmed can run fast, tail held high.
Dear Mom,
This is my least favorite of all your sculptures. To my mind he has no redeeming social value, and he's even worse from the rear. I don't know why you would waste the clay it took to make this poor homely fellow. But I guess Wart Hogs need love too. I love him. Mom
Love, Deann


  1. Wow! What a talented artist you are!!! Well, I have to say that having become acquainted with your wonderful Daughter Deann, I'm not surprised. (grin)

    I think that wart hog looks quite pleased with himself. He makes me laugh. (grin)

  2. I have 1/30 of the warthog 96. I love him very much and get so many compliments on him. He has been the center piece of my living rooms since you made him for me in 1996. Thank you and you do wonderful work. I'm proud to own a piece of it.