Friday, October 2, 2009

Emperor Penguin and Chick

Emperor Penguin and Chick; They are the only warm blooded creatures that winter on the edge of the Antarctic continent. They survive by huddling in tight clusters. The males during the two coldest months stay at home to incubate a single egg. Which they hold on the top of their feet never putting it down or searching for food. All the males huddle together, to keep each other warm, the ones in the middle moving out to let the ones on the outer edge get warm. When the egg has hatch the mother returns from the sea, they transfer the egg as quickly as they can to the mother to keep it from freezing, and the poor hungry father then goes to the sea for food. Both male and female share in taking care of the chick. worts enemy pola bears.


  1. Whoa, what happened to the picture??? The dog must have eaten it.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I came over here from your daughters beautiful blog. I am so blown away. Your artwork is so touching. Reminding me of all the beauty God creates for us here on this earth.
    Your follow this blog is not working but I will come back and check later I would love to follow you and see what you are up to.

  3. Grandma, I am glad that you have started a blog! kalen and I love your art work and we are always so proud to tell everyone at the zoo that our grandma made these sculptures!

  4. What a lovely sculpture. It is warm to the eye. Beautiful work!